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Native Token Based Prediction Game

Integrate multiple native token utilities

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Native token
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Increase native token performance

Buy pressure

Use non-Native token to buy back Native token can help increase Native token price

Trading volume

Native tokens used as the payment and payout token encourages higher transaction volume


Native tokens used as the payment and payout token encourages more active token holders

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Flexible incentives mechanism

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Incentives on the players who play most rounds

Encourage more people to play

Benefit to user retainment

Benefit to increase native tokens holders

Flexible jackpot prize

Adjust the jackpot according to market requirements


Overcome three dilemma in product development:

Lower Time Cost

Normally it takes at least 3 month to develop a mature prediction game system even without native token integration

Maximum one month

Lower Resource Cost

Need veteran developer, quality assurance, project manager, designer, etc

All In One Service

Higher Quality Assurance

Practical product with user cases, like CDZExchange

Smooth user experience


What makes us Unique

The top prediction markets won’t integrate your native tokens
The top prediction markets won't help to increase your native token performance
The top prediction markets have no such incentives mechanism
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